Congressman Chip Roy Slams House for Politicizing the Virus, Riots and Bureaucracy of Congress

Congressman Chip Roy Slams House for Politicizing the Virus, Riots and Bureaucracy of Congress

On Thursday, Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) gave a passionate speech rebuking the House for its failed leadership amid nationwide rioting, the pandemic and the faltering economy.

According to the Daily Wire, Roy started by explaining how a recent visit to Independence Hall “fixed in his mind the extraordinary nature of American representative government.”

Roy continued:

“This people’s House, in my opinion, is failing the people of the United States. I’m going to say that again. The people’s House, the 435 representatives that make up this half of Congress — one-half of one-third of the federal government — is failing the American people.

“It is failing the American people because we literally never debate. We literally never offer amendments and have any debate here on this floor. We are ruled by a handful of folks who make rooms in back chambers, drop bills on the floor of the House, and then demand we come down and vote on them. By the way, that is both Democrats and Republicans.

In a strong criticism of the bloated bureaucracy of the House, Roy said:

“If you even dare think about offering an amendment to a bill, you gotta go to some Rules Committee to get blessed to be able to even have the ability to offer it. You’ll get shut down in Rules Committee, and then there’s never any debate.

“What kind of a people’s House is that? I would posit that it is not one.”

Moving onto the lack of leadership in Congress, Roy continued:

“If there were leadership, we would have actual debate. We would actually sit down here and come up with ideas, and offer solutions, and then hammer them out. We would actually sit down at a table like a small business or sit down at a table like a family and balance a budget. We would have a debate about the proper policies to deal with a pandemic instead of pointing fingers and politicizing a virus.”

Finally, Roy slammed the fact that the nationwide riots have become politicized, as well as the way Attorney General Barr was treated by the House Democrats, saying:

“What did they do when the Attorney General of the United States was here before the House Judiciary Committee but sit there and talk over him and mock him and relentlessly stand on the side of lawless Marxists who are trying to destroy a city of the United States of America, instead of standing up alongside our law enforcement?

“What are we doing? What are we doing as a country? While our businesses burn, literally and figuratively; while millions of Americans don’t have jobs…

“It is an absolute embarrassment what has become of the people’s House. We should be ashamed. We should be ashamed that we are not here doing the work of the American people.”

Roy added that the Democrats seem “hellbent on tearing down this great country brick by brick, statue by statue, thread by thread of our flag, word by word of our anthem. It’s a mockery of this House.”



If there’s anyone we need in D.C. right now, it’s Congressman Roy. A true show of leadership here.

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