Conor Lamb’s Spokesman Wishes Death on Opponent Sean Parnell

Conor Lamb’s Spokesman Wishes Death on Opponent Sean Parnell

Early Saturday morning, Coleman Lamb, communications director and brother of Democrat Congressman Conor Lamb, sent a tweet advocating a death wish for Conor’s Republican opponent for Pennsylvania’s 17th district, Sean Parnell.

Coleman Lamb retweeted the sentiment “burn in hell and die” and told followers that they “can add @SeanParnellUSA here.”

Parnell’s campaign sent out a press release, saying that “[T]he social media post targeting Sean Parnell, a highly decorated combat veteran, indicates a new low for Conor Lamb’s campaign.”

“It is disappointing that Conor Lamb’s brother, a leader in his campaign, would stoop so low as to call for the death of a political opponent.  It is distasteful and hateful rhetoric that has no place in political discourse,” said Sean Parnell.  “In the spirit of today’s cancel culture, one would expect calls for Coleman Lamb’s immediate dismissal.  However, I believe that everyone needs a little grace from time to time.  As despicable as Coleman Lamb’s comments are, everyone makes mistakes, and I hope that Coleman Lamb, Conor Lamb, and their campaign team can learn from it.”

As of this writing, Rep. Lamb has yet to denounce the tweet, which is still up on Coleman Lamb’s account. According to the Parnell campaign, “[t]he tweet comes on the heels of this week’s release of campaign finance data showing that Parnell outraised Lamb nearly 2-1 in the second quarter of 2020.  Parnell raised over $717,000; Lamb raised only $441,393 during the same period,” which we reported on last week as well.

Aside from the obviously disgusting tweet wishing death on a Purple Heart recipient, but it’s also an obvious attempt at desperation. Confident candidates don’t do this, and, as we reported, PA-17 is one of the most likely to flip red in November.

Let’s make it happen!

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