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"Cornered in a Lie" - Michael Cohen Destroyed So Badly During Cross Examination Even CNN Admits It

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  • Source: Bongino
  • 05/17/2024
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Things aren’t going to sell for Michael Cohen - and even CNN’s Anderson Cooper didn’t even try to spin it for his audience. 

“The last 20 minutes of court today right before the lunch break, it was incredible. Elie Honig on my program last night had talked about on cross-examination lawyers want to kind of put the witness and build a box around the witness and then slamming shut - and that's what [Trump attorney] Todd Blanche did to Michael Cohen,” Cooper stated. 

He then explained how that Blanche dissected a 90 second phone conversation Cohen supposedly had with Trump on October 24th at 8PM. However, Blanche pointed out from transcripts of his text messages that during the same timeframe, Cohen was receiving crank calls, and texted the person calling him. After that, Cohen texted Keith Schiller around 7:50 stating “Hey, some dope has been harassing me. I got the person's phone number or who can I talk to?" Schiller texted back saying to call him. In other words, the call with Trump never happened because it was Schiller Cohen was speaking to. 

Cooper continued:

He's [Michael Cohen] the only person testifying to direct involvement by Donald Trump in the Stormy Daniels payments, but according to suddenly now, Michael Cohen's refreshed memory, he now says, "Oh, it was a call about this 14-year-old making prank phone calls to me, but also about the moving ahead on Stormy Daniels."

It was an extraordinary cross-examination by Todd Blanche of Michael Cohen throughout the day. Michael Cohen, when cornered, has a pattern of suddenly not understanding the questions being asked or seemingly buying time to try to figure out how he wants to answer. But he definitely suddenly starts to have Todd Blanche repeat questions since "I don't quite understand what you mean, I'm confused by the question." But this time, Michael Cohen was cornered in what appeared here to be a lie, I think to many in the room. And had to adjust, suddenly, his memory that he had just testified to on Tuesday.

Watch below:


That Cohen would lie isn’t exactly a surprise, considering that he went to federal prison in 2019 for, among other issues, lying to Congress.

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