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Corporate Media Admits It Hid Biden's Cognitive Decline Due to Fear of “White House” and “Liberal Twittersphere”

  • by:
  • Source: Bongino
  • 07/03/2024
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After President Joe Biden bombed his debate against Trump on Thursday, the corporate media finally began admitting that the president’s mental faculties and physical fitness have rapidly deteriorated. 

The American people have known this since his basement campaign in 2020. Before the debate, however, the likes of NBC News, CNN, and The New York Times were running headlines claiming videos capturing various Biden senior moments amounted to right-wing “misinformation.” 

Now the media has admitted why they lied about Biden’s health for so long, and it’s pretty shameful. “White House reporters” told CNN that they feared "blowback...from the White House and Democrats." 

One anonymous white house reporter told CNN, “It’s clear the age stories that have angered the White House (and the liberal Twittersphere) the most.”

Who cares if it angers the administration or “the liberal Twittersphere.” It’s their job to ask questions and report on consequential issues like the president’s cognitive decline.

As authentic journalist Glenn Greenwald wrote on X, “If you won't report major stories about the most powerful people in the country, all because you're afraid of provoking anger from the WH, Democrats, or ‘the liberal Twittersphere,’ you are many things. ‘Journalist’ is not one of them. It's so pathetic.” 

“That said, I 100% believe that a desperate desire to avoid angering the WH, Democrats, and ‘the liberal Twittersphere’ is absolutely the main motivation for most people who work in corporate media,” Greenwald added. “Why don't they just go work for the WH or the Democratic Party?” 

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