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Creepy: Biden Allies Want to Monitor Text Messages to Control What’s Said About COVID Vaccine

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In an Orwellian move that almost certainly violates the 4th Amendment, Politico is reporting that allies of the Biden Administration want to monitor text messages in order to vet what people are allowed to say about the COVID vaccine.

Per Politico:

The Biden administration is casting conservative opponents of its Covid-19 vaccine campaign as dangerous and extreme, adopting a more aggressive political posture in an attempt to maneuver through the public health conundrum.

…The White House has decided to hit back harder on misinformation and scare tactics after Republican lawmakers and conservative activists pledged to fight the administration’s stated plans to go “door-to-door” to increase vaccination rates. The pushback will include directly calling out social media platforms and conservative news shows that promote such tactics.

…Biden allied groups, including the Democratic National Committee, are also planning to engage fact-checkers more aggressively and work with SMS carriers to dispel misinformation about vaccines that is sent over social media and text messages.

The vaccine argument we’re having in America doesn’t make a lot of sense.

Everyone who wants to get vaccinated can get vaccinated. These people are much less likely to get COVID and much more likely to survive it if they do.

Other people don’t want to get vaccinated. They are more likely to get COVID and more likely to get sick than the people that have been vaccinated, but well over 99% of them that do get COVID will survive and the ones that do will (the research isn’t 100% in) probably have an immunity that’s similar to what they’d get from a vaccine.

I’d recommend getting vaccinated. I’d strongly recommend getting vaccinated if you are older. But, if people don’t, so what? I am vaccinated. Why am I supposed to be mad at the people that aren’t choosing to do it? I don’t agree with their decision, but I understand their reluctance to take a new vaccine and if they do get sick or die from COVID, they primarily impact themselves. Let people make their own choices, see what works and what doesn’t instead of trying to turn America into an Orwell novel over this virus.

John Hawkins is the author of 101 Things All Young Adults Should Know. You can find him on Parler here and on Twitter here.

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