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Cuomo Collapse: Approval Crashes Amid Scandals – Most Don’t Want Him to Run for Re-Election

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New York Governor Andrew Cuomo was the primary beneficiary of the media’s mindless praise on the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, quickly making him one of the most popular governors in America.

And it wasn’t just the governorship – polling indicated that by May, Cuomo could be the most popular politician in America (if CNN’s reporting on the polling data is to be believed, at least). Polls routinely had his popularity approach 80%, a height usually unheard of.

This came as Cuomo was packing nursing homes with coronavirus patients, and as his state had more coronavirus deaths per capita than any country on the planet. But reality wasn’t determining his poll numbers, but rather the perception of reality a sympathetic media had created.

Now, with seven woman coming forward to allege sexual harassment from Cuomo, and the delayed attention on his nursing home scandal, reality is setting in, and costing him at the polls.

According to Breitbart:

  • According to a Quinnipiac University poll, Cuomo’s poll numbers are tanking, showing the governor at the lowest approval rating of his career.
  • The Quinnipiac University poll shows Andrew Cuomo has a 39 percent approval rating and a 48 percent disapproval rating. This is down from the poll taken on March 4th showing the governor with a 45 percent approval rating and a 46 percent disapproval rating. According to Quinnipiac, “today’s numbers mark the lowest job approval for Cuomo since he took office in 2011.”
  • The survey found that the voters who gave Cuomo a “favorability rating” are also at the lowest they have been. Cuomo only has a favorability of 33 percent and an unfavorable at 51 percent. This is Cuomo’s “lowest favorability number since Quinnipiac University began tracking his favorability in 2008 while Cuomo served as New York Attorney General,” they said.
  • Nearly 58 percent believe that the governor is not honest and trustworthy to the public, while only 28 percent think the governor is honest and trustworthy. The survey found this rating is also the worst score about his honesty and trustworthiness since 2007.
  • The survey asked if Cuomo should run for reelection as governor of New York in 2022. Only 25 percent would like to see him run for reelection, and 66 percent do not want him to run again.

Cuomo has refused to resign on numerous occasions, and is currently the target of an AG probe regarding his handling of nursing homes, and an impeachment probe that his first accuser has described as a “sham.” All seven appeals court judges who would vote in Cuomo’s impeachment trial were appointed by him.

Despite the severity of these scandals, there’s unfortunately little reason to be optimistic that it’ll result in Cuomo being taken out of office – unless the voters do that at the ballot box in 2022.

Matt Palumbo is the author of Dumb and Dumber: How Cuomo and de Blasio Ruined New YorkDebunk This: Shattering Liberal Lies, and Spygate

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