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Cuomo Rips Trump’s Church Visit, Saying That “Here In New York, We Actually Read the Bible”

  • by:
  • Source: Dan Bongino
  • 06/11/2022
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New York Governor Andrew Cuomo of pushing-COVID-patients-into-nursing-homes fame decided to become the latest Leftist to criticize President Trump’s Monday visit to St. John’s Episcopal Church after the famous landmark was vandalized and burned over the weekend.

During his Wednesday press conference, the elder Fredo read verses as he discussed the both coronavirus and the ongoing riots, with New York being hotspots of both.

“The president held up the Bible the other day in Washington, D.C. Here in New York, we actually read the Bible,” Cuomo said.

However, a normal, honest non-TDS infected media would ask Cuomo where the Bible permits celebrating legalization of partial-birth abortion, as he did earlier this year when lighting up the World Trade Center pink in honor of Planned Parenthood? Or why purposely infecting nursing homes with coronavirus patients is biblical?

But alas, the media suck. And when your watch-dog is your CNN anchor brother, you can get away with being a garbage governor with garbage morals.

Photos by Getty Images

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