Cuomo Wants to Make Police Sharing Info About Illegals a Felony

Cuomo Wants to Make Police Sharing Info About Illegals a Felony

Last year, New York passed a measure in Governor Cuomo’s budget known as the Green Light Law, allowing illegal immigrants to apply for driver’s licenses.

Apparently, as if that wasn’t enough, worse has been added to the media’s favorite governor’s new budget.

Erie County Comptroller Stefan I. Mychajliw, Jr. found that the Green Light Law was amended recently so that a law enforcement officer who shares DMV records with another law enforcement agency such as ICE or DHS can be charged with a class E Felony.

As reported by Townhall, New York legislators are outraged over this, and believe it was snuck into the budget while everyone is distracted by the Wuhan virus:

“Border Patrol for example, working the highway in the middle of the night and pulls over a vehicle, they can’t run the plates to determine who owns that vehicle,” U.S. Attorney for the Western District of New York J.P. Kennedy said. “I think it’s legislating obstruction and it’s very concerning to me.”

Erie County Clerk Mickey Kearns, who was one of the New York officials to sue Gov. Cuomo for the Green Light Law last year, said the above provision is shocking.

“This is shocking this is unheard of and especially during a pandemic that someone, the Governor, who is under so much pressure thought about that to put that in there,” Kearns reacted. “We just had I think it was 29 people law enforcement people in the State of New York that just died from COVID, and they’re criminals now?”

“They basically criminalize police work in this budget,” he added.

Although Kearns’s lawsuit was struck down in November, he pledged to get the DOJ’s attention. He also told illegal immigrants in New York that he had no intention of following the governor’s guidance.

“Don’t get in your car, don’t come,” Kearns said. “Because I will not be issuing a driver’s license to any illegal immigrants.

Luckily for him, Cuomo still has his brother Fredo on CNN to cover for him.

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