Dan Calls Toxic Masculinity ‘Peak Stupid’ From the Left

Dan Calls Toxic Masculinity ‘Peak Stupid’ From the Left

Dan joined Laura Ingraham last night on Fox News to discuss the left’s continuous attacks on males and masculinity. Ingraham asks Dan, “do you suspect what the left is doing here will work with voters?”

Bongino responded adamantly, “No! I think what the left is doing, I think you should thank them for what they’re doing; it actually led to the election of Donald Trump.” He added “if you think for a second- the liberal lunatics out there- that I’m going to apologize for being born a male and subject myself to your stereotypical prejudgments, you’re out of your freaking mind.”


Dan goes on to say, “We all know where this comes from…this is the ‘peak stupid’ with the left on this toxic masculinity white patriarchy nonsense where they have now devolved to judging people exclusively by their gender and skin color, is a marker of the total intellectual collapse of the radical left.”

Ingraham says that this is a serious problem; “we have young men today suffering greater rates of suicide, opioid addiction, lower life expectancy and depression.” She begs the question, “if we further alienate men and they turn into these people ready to explode because they are so repressed and scared and worried to say anything. I think that poisons human relationships.”

Dan remarks the reason we are having a self-esteem problem with boys is obvious: “When you tell boys how worthless they are, and yes it’s a really stupid and moronic idea…telling our young boys they’re toxic and aggressive by nature and then you wonder why they grow up with self esteem issues?”

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