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Dan Crenshaw Attacks Democrats On $1.9 Trillion Relief Bill: “Bribing People With Their Own Money”

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Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) appeared on Fox and Friends Wednesday and he attacked the 1.9 trillion dollar COVID relief bill that passed with no Republican votes.

Crenshaw noted that people are being paid with  their own money,

“Look, if you’re really happy about getting a $1,400 check — again, imagine that, giving free money to people is popular, I get that, but here’s the thing: it’s costing you $5,700, give or take, and if you’re not paying for it, your kids are. Look, if this is really as popular as the Democrats say it is, we’re in a lot of trouble as a country. It means that we have fully given in to this notion that we should be bribed by our government for false promises. And that is not an American thing to do. We have to stop collectively doing that. It’s going to destroy the next generation. It’s already threatening to cause massive inflation.”

Sadly, we are in a lot of trouble as a country because it probably isn’t escaping the notice of the Democrats that they called this a COVID relief bill, sent people making under 75-80k (it phases out at that level) a check, doled out hundreds of billions of dollars to their political allies and the polling was good. You might think that they can’t keep running this same scam for years, but as Crenshaw noted, most of what was in this bill was completely unnecessary.

“Here’s the other thing about this bill. There are already trillions, hundreds of billions, about a trillion unspent from past relief bills. There is money in the PPP fund that could go to small businesses if you change the standards of how they get it. That would be smart. Half of this money won’t even be spent until 2022 or later. It is an absolute lie for them to say that this is an emergency relief bill that goes and invests directly in the people. It is for a lot of different nonsense that has nothing to do with COVID. Only 9% of it has to do with COVID healthcare. Only about 1% is for vaccine distribution.”

There is a lesson here for people that are willing to see it. The government drove a lot of small businesses under by forcing them to shut down to “fight COVID-19.” Then, the government sent out some poorly targeted stimulus checks that either aren’t enough to help the people that were impacted or are going to people that weren’t impacted. Finally, to add insult to injury, they add an enormous amount of wasted spending on top of it and it adds to the debt that Americans will at some point be required to pay for with their taxes. Economically, our government was a bigger plague than the coronavirus. If people don’t wake up to the fact that we’re not tossing around Monopoly money here, our country is headed towards one of the most brutal economic reckonings in world history.

John Hawkins is the author of 101 Things All Young Adults Should Know and you can follow him on Parler here.

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