De Blasio Promises State of the City Speech – Then Doesn’t Show Up

De Blasio Promises State of the City Speech – Then Doesn’t Show Up

In what can only be described as a perfect metaphor for his leadership, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio promised a State of the City speech last night, only to then never show up for said speech, which turned out to be pre-recorded.

According to the New York Post:

Bill de Blasio’s eighth and final State of the City speech wasn’t even a speech.

Not one bit of the presentation was live.

And never once during the entire 28-minute, pre-taped online affair did Hizzoner ever turn to the camera to directly address the audience.

Instead, New Yorkers (if any beyond reporters getting paid to do so tuned in) were treated to often generic footage from around the city — sometimes scenes of pre-pandemic life jarringly mixed with those clearly shot after the coronavirus struck — as de Blasio played narrator.

The video outlined de Blasio’s 2021 agenda under the banner “A Recovery for All of Us,” accompanied by generic stock music. Those who tuned in (of which there were few) weren’t impressed.

Even if de Blasio did show up, it’s not looking like many would’ve heard him anyway. An hour after the video was posted online, it had been viewed on 423 times.

Fortunately he won’t be in office to give one next year.

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