New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio loves making everyone in New York City feel at home, except its citizens. The New York Post reported that “Mayor Bill de Blasio has aggressively pushed a bike-friendly agenda, adding about 100 miles of dedicated lanes for cyclists amid a spike in rider collisions.” However, he has “done little to address the danger that bikers themselves pose.”

The NY Post reported that since 2011, “bicyclists have injured more than 2,250 pedestrians.” That is a vast number of injuries, but there have even been deaths. According to stats from the city Department of transportation and published reports, “at least seven” have died from bicyclists.

Two pedestrians have already died just this year. “A 60-year-old Chelsea resident” was plowed into by a bicyclist on July 31. The pedestrian died a week later in the hospital but the cyclist fled the scene. A 67-year-old woman was killed crossing west 57th near sixth avenue while she was in the crosswalk.

One upper west side resident said “it should be a public conversation. All these bicyclists have lobbying groups and are getting expanded accessibility to the city.”