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The Democrat Shutdown Has Cost More Than Trump’s Wall

More Buzzfeed B.S.

Cortez Embraces Zimbabwe-Economics

As Shutdown Drags – Here’s a Wall Democrats Funded… in 2018

These Three Charts Prove that Walls Work

Debunking Three AOC Falsehoods From This Past Week

PAYGO: What It Is and Why We Need It

Three Years In, The Paris Climate Agreement is Already Failing

Despite New Reports, the Michael Cohen Prague Visit is Still Extremely Unlikely

The Russia Hoax has Collapsed

Top 3 Net Neutrality Repeal Predictions Gone Wrong

Sorry Liberals, Cohen’s Charges Prove There Was ZERO Collusion With Russia

The Framing of Michael Flynn

Washington Post Blasts “Foxification” of White House – Forgets Obama Hired 3x More Journalists

FAIL: Media Horribly Misrepresents New “Wage Gap” Study

Obama Takes Credit for Surging Oil Production – Here’s Why He Can’t

Illegal Aliens Cost Taxpayers $100+ Billion Annually

The High Cost of “Free” College

No, The Trump Tax Cuts Did Not All Go To “The Rich”

Georgia’s Election Was Not “Rigged” – Here’s the Proof

No, Trump Didn’t Spark a “Hate Crime Surge”

The High Cost of Scandinavian “Socialism”

Here’s the Proof: Obama Treated Journalists WAY Worse than Trump

The Truth About Australian Gun Control

Is the Senate Rigged Towards Republicans?

The Trump Effect – Why These Midterms Were Different

Debunking Myths About Trump’s Obamacare “Repeal”

The Papadopoulos Interview – Explosive Revelations You Need to Know

Does the 14th Amendment Protect Birthright Citizenship?

No, Right-Wing Terrorism is NOT More Common Than Islamic Extremism

Liberals Say Federal Workers “Underpaid” – The Salaries Say Otherwise

Glenn Simpson Plead the Fifth To Cover Up These Lies

Surprise: Blue States Have More Economic Inequality

Two Times The Clinton Campaign Faked “Russian Collusion”

New Evidence Suggests Fusion GPS Founder Glenn Simpson Lied to Congress

In Defense of “Owning the Libs”

Here’s Why Brett Kavnauagh is Exceptionally Qualified for the Supreme Court

RECAP: The Biggest Anti-Kavanaugh Lies from the Kavanaugh Hearings

Flashback: Three Times Rod Rosenstein Betrayed Trump and Protected Hillary

THE LIST: Not a Single Special Counsel Indictment Mentions Russian Collusion

Hawaii Democrat Accidentally Reveals Their Real Anti-Kavanaugh Strategy

Illegal Immigration and Crime 2.0 – Addressing Some Criticism

NBC Claims Semi-Automatic Rifles Are Twice as Deadly – Are They Really?

Do Illegal Aliens Really Commit Fewer Crimes?

SPYGATE: The Characters You Need to Know

Does the U.S. Lead the World in Mass Shootings?

Who Was Stefan Halper?

Yes, Trump is Tougher on Russia than Obama

Liberal Lies About Trump’s Stock Market Surge

This PROVES It’s a Witch Hunt…

Liz Warren’s Crazy New Plan to “Save Capitalism”

The Russia Connection: All Roads Lead to Hillary Clinton

The Two Biggest Myths About Privatizing Social Security

What’s Driving the Trump Deficits? Tax Cuts, or Spending?

The Cost of Cortez: Nearly $2 Trillion Per Year

Have Wages Stagnated Since 1970?

What the Media Never Told You About the Russia Investigation Hoax

Is The American Dream Dead?

Debunking Four Crazy Cortez Ideas

Yes, Politifact Has a Liberal Bias


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