Dem Congressman Calls for Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley to Be Added to the “No Fly List”

Democrat Rep. Bennie Thompson said that Sens. Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley should be put on the no fly list after the duo of Republicans led the charge to object to certifying the electoral college results in key battleground states.

From WLBT News:

There are now calls for the senators to be disbarred and their Democratic peers have even asked for the two to step down for their perceived role in the riot. Thompson is taking it one step further, saying that Cruz and Hawley should also be placed on the no-fly list.

“There’s no exemption for being put on the no-fly list,” Thompson said during a Serious XM interview on Monday. “Even a member of Congress that commits a crime, you know, they expel from the body.”

“There are ethics charges that can be brought against those individuals,” he continued. “And people are looking at all this. What [Sen. Josh] Hawley did and what [Sen. Ted] Cruz did was horrible.”

Thompson’s call comes as Cruz and Hawley have faced backlash for their role in objecting to Joe Biden’s election victory with accusations of fraud, which culminated in a large crowd of President Trump’s supporters storming the Capitol last week as Congress was debating certifying the results.

A group of over 7,000 law students and alumni have signed a petition to have both Cruz and Hawley disbarred, something Harvard constitutional scholar Alan Dershowitz called a return to “McCarthyism.”

“The idea that 5,000 law students and professors want to disbar them because they disagree with what they said, just returns McCarthyism in a new form,” Dershowitz said. “It’s very, very frightening how many people are prepared to undo our Constitution in the interest of preventing Trump from spending his last five, six, seven days in office.”

Thompson also accused police of having a “double standard” when it came to combatting riots, hinting that police give preferential treatment to White protesters.

“But somebody’s gonna have to tell us why is occurred other than the fact that there were White people involved and you treat White protesters with kid gloves and Black and White protesters with… You throw the full face and power of the government on them to suppress them. It oughta be one policy,” Thompson said.

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