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Dem Congresswomen Calls for “Truth Commission” to Ensure Americans Believe a “Common Narrative”

  • by:
  • Source: Dan Bongino
  • 06/11/2022
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Freshman Democratic Rep. Sara Jacobs told CNN that the United States is in need of a “truth commission” that root out “extremist ideology” and ensure that all Americans get share a “common narrative” about the truth.

From The Blaze:

Jacobs added that extremists believe their “sense of identity” is being threatened and lack “critical thinking skills” — and have this oh-so-problematic access to “common social networks” with those who share their views.

Jacobs pointed to the Capitol riots last month as justification for her plan, arguing that the entire event was fueled by lies while warning similar events could happen if “far-right” media and social media companies weren’t reigned in:

Jacobs replied by saying “we know the violence on [Jan. 6] was predicated on the idea of the ‘big lie’ — the fact that this election was stolen despite the fact that Donald Trump’s own Department of Homeland Security says it was not. You need to be able to perpetuate that kind of lie in order to get the kinds of reactions that you did. I think we need to look at far-right media — which I know, Brian, you have been such a leader on calling out — and also the role of social media and the whole ecosystem of social media where the kinds of information and the kinds of posts that get the biggest reactions are the ones that are prioritized by their algorithms.”

Jacobs concluded by arguing that such a truth commission would be able to help the country come to grips with its history of white supremacy, insisting that the country has not sufficiently grappled with its “gory” history:

“Because we haven’t really done the reckoning with the racial injustice and white supremacy of our past that we need to do,” Jacobs replied. “And so … a truth commission — a lot of people will think of South Africa — we’ve used them in countries around the world. And basically … it’s communities all the way up to the national level having conversations about both the gory and the glory of our history and what happened — both throughout the history of our country and leading up to and on January 6 — so that we can come to a common narrative, moving forward, of what we want our country to be.”

Of course, some sort of “truth commision” is not a new idea on the left. Earlier this month, a group of “experts” told the New York Times that it believed the Biden Administration should create one and appoint a “reality czar” to combat extremism and disinformation.

Kevin Rose, the author of the Times story, admitted that such ideas were “a little dystopian,” but after he “spent the past several years reporting on our national reality crisis,” it might be within the national interest to “hear them out.”

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