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Dem Debate: What Country Was Everyone Running For? It Certainly Was NOT The United States of America

  • by:
  • Source: Dan Bongino
  • 06/11/2022
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Did Americans watch the Democratic debate last night and think the group of ten people on stage were running for President of pretty much any country but the United States of America? From the desire for open borders, free healthcare, abolishing the second amendment and literally offering to hand out free money, no one was remotely close to supporting anything valued by Americans.

Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren doesn’t even think America needs Americans: “I start with a statement of principles, and that is, in this country, immigration does not make us weaker, immigration makes us stronger.” With the immigration policies Warren and her competitors propose, immigration doesn’t make us stronger, it makes us a country that no longer belongs to Americans. Warren Continued that she wanted a pathway for DREAMers and also “their grandparents and for their cousins, for people who have overstayed student visas, and for people who came here to work in the fields” in other words…anyone.

Andrew Yang added his two cents and proclaimed “I am the opposite of Donald Trump in many ways. He says, ‘build a wall’ I’m going to say to immigrants, ‘come to America because, if you come here, your son or daughter can run for president. The water is great. And this is where you want to build a company, build a family, and build a life.”

Mayor Pete Buttigieg of South Bend, Indiana’s entire plan for “revitalizing the economies of rural America” is simply to have them “embrace immigration.” Beto O’Rourke would like to begin with making “more than one million DREAMers” U.S. citizens “right now in this, their true home country.” Oh, and don’t forget to “extend that to their parents, their sisters and their brothers, and ensure that we have a legal, safe, orderly system to come to this country and add to our greatness.” Again…anyone.

Ultimately, the entire Democratic debate came down to the fact that “there is a White Supremacist in the White House.” Why? Because President Trump actually wants to salvage American values before they are totally gone. President Trump actually wants to curtail illegal immigration in order to protect the United States and its citizens from completely losing our rights and resources that are already spread thin.

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