Flashback: Bolton Said “If I Had to Say Something I Knew Was False… I Would Do It”

Flashback: Bolton Said “If I Had to Say Something I Knew Was False… I Would Do It”

In a feat that would seem impossible merely years ago, a book by John Bolton is climbing the charts pre-release, and it’s all thanks to liberals buying it.

The Department of Justice has sued to block publication of the book  “The Room Where It Happened,” claiming to have  identified classified information within it. Newspapers obtained copies of the book a day after the DOJ sued to block its publication, and it has since been dominating the headlines.

The book alleges that Trump floated replacing VP Mike Pence with Nikki Haley, that Trump pleaded with China’s President Xi Jinping to help his reelection prospects by purchasing U.S. agriculture products, and that he encouraged China’s imprisonment of Uighurs, among others claims that amount to gossip.

If the allegations made within the book are true, it would mean that Bolton is now presenting these allegations as “damning,” but never saw them damning enough to testify under oath in Trump’s impeachment trial about.

President Trump called the book, which Bolton received a $2 million advance for, a “compilation of lies and made up stories.”

Speaking of lies, Bolton has previously indicated that he has no problem spewing them so long as it’s for the greater good.

Appearing on Fox Business in 2010, host Andrew Napolitano asked “Is it an attack on the United States for us to know that our ally, Saudi Arabia, is actually financing Al Qaeda? Isn’t that something we would want to know?”

Bolton replied “I want to make the case for secrecy in government when it comes to the conduct of national security affairs and possibly for deception where it’s appropriate.” He adds that”truth is so important it should be surrounded by a bodyguard of lies.”

He’s then asked if he would ever “lie in order to preserve the truth.”

“Absolutely. If I had to say something I knew was false to protect American national security, I would do it. I don’t think we’re often faced with that difficulty,”  Bolton said.

Despite the adoration given for lying, those comments came after Bolton opened the interview by saying he “doesn’t think” he’s ever lied – but clarified that he’s really good at spinning things.


Watch the full interview below:

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