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Democratic Primary Debate Night 1 Winner: TRUMP

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According to Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, last night’s primary democratic debate “was a really good night for Donald Trump. He could hardly have hoped for a better debate.” Speaking to Fox and Friends this morning on Fox News, Gingrich laid out last night’s debate in a manner that looks very favorable for the President.

He said, “you had a handful of rational moderates, [like] Congressman Delaney. Their soundbites are perfect and could replace half of the Trump ads next year because they come out and tell the truth. This stuff is crazy.”

Discussing the far left and progressive proposals that could severely damage the country, particularly when it comes to immigration and health care, Gingrich said Bernie Sanders came off as “angry” and “frustrated.”

Gingrich also brought up the undeniable fact that there is a huge divide within the democratic party currently, more than in recent history. “The challenge you have is among the most active Democrats, they are so polarized now that they say things that when you think about it, are totally irrational” said Gingrich.

You have a party calling each other racists, a leader who cannot control her caucus and is in a constant battle about whether or not to push for impeachment, and extreme voices that are drowning out any logical or rational plans of action. It will be very hard for voters to sift through the ideas and proposals that are bouncing around like molecules in constant motion, all with an anti-Trump undertone. The result may be one of Trump’s greatest re-election assets.

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