Democrats Dump 37 Tons of Sand Into Skatepark, Somehow to Stem Pandemic

Democrats Dump 37 Tons of Sand Into Skatepark, Somehow to Stem Pandemic

To see the latest lockdown craziness, look no further than a skate-park in San Clemente, California. Last week, city officials dumped tons of sand throughout the park, presumably in order to make sure no one uses it during the mandated lockdown.

The Daily Wire reported on Sunday that the “skatepark was recently filled with thirty-seven tons of sand by authorities to discourage skaters and ‘promote social distancing.’”

Los Angeles CBS reports:

San Clemente had shut down all its parks and facilities on April 1 under the state’s stay-at-home orders, but skaters ignored signs warning against trespassing at the Ralphs Skate Court, 241 Avenida La Pata. Since park facilities have been closed city officials say they routinely saw people visit the skatepark, even by some children accompanied with their parents, according to the San Clemente Times. City officials told the newspaper they followed in the footsteps of other cities, and filled the skatepark with 37 tons of sand.

Needless to say, this is absurd and obviously not to prevent or to stem a public health crisis. As Senator Ted Cruz put it:


Well said.

It’s way past time to start opening up, or these drunk-on-power politicians will never stop. I guess the joke will be on them when it’s eventually time to dig up thirty-seven tons of sand.

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