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Democrats No Longer “Believing All Women”

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It didn’t take long for the Democrat Party’s mantra of “believe all women” to be exposed as mere rhetoric.

While they mobilized to destroy Brett Kavanaugh over flimsy and now discredited allegations, they’re silent when it’s one of their own accused, in this case, Joe Biden. The allegations from accuser Tara Reade are unique in that one can’t claim any political motive for her coming forward. She’s a lifelong Democrat and no fan of Donald Trump. That adds credibility to her allegations – as does the fact that five individuals have corroborated them thus far (as opposed to Christine Blasey Ford’s zero).

And in light of these allegations, the media and the “Me Too” crowd have said nothing. As the Daily Caller’s Mary Margaret Olohan writes:

Between March 24, the day when Reade made her allegations public, and April 15, Biden faced over 81 questions and over 20 hours of interviews with media without being asked to comment on the sexual assault accusation, a recent analysis by the Washington Free Beacon found. Though Biden’s former rival Sen. Bernie Sanders was asked about the allegations last week, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee has yet to address the accusations.

Women’s groups that backed Blasey Ford’s sexual assault accusations against Kavanaugh, including pro-abortion women’s groups like Planned Parenthood, Emily’s List, the National Abortion Right’s Action League, have been silent regarding Reade’s accusations.

Meanwhile in the Senate, a total of zero Democrats have acknowledged the allegations (for anyone that has forget, Sanders is an Independent).

Joe Biden has yet to even be asked about the allegations personally – but Sanders has been. What does it say when a candidate who suspended their campaign is asked about a sexual assault allegation before the man who allegedly committed it? Perhaps it means Democrats and their allies in the media know these allegations are far more credible than they’re comfortable with.

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