Democrats Sneak Anti-Voter ID Rule Into New Stimulus Bill

Democrats Sneak Anti-Voter ID Rule Into New Stimulus Bill

House Democrats are proposing an additional $3 trillion in stimulus spending on top of the $2.2 trillion already approved by the CARES Act.

In character for Democrats, their bill will be packed with even more pork than the last. The bill extends the $600 boost to unemployment benefits (which have lead to a huge chunk of the labor force earning more unemployed than employed), tax cuts for the rich in the form of repealing the SALT deduction cap, bailing out state and local governments, and bailing out the USPS.

And there’s other parts of the liberal agenda snuck within the bill as well. As the Washington Times‘ Stephen Dinan reported:

Tucked inside House Democrats’ new coronavirus bill is language that would create a loophole in states’ voter ID requirements, allowing people to cast ballots without having to prove who they are.

One section of the bill would require states to allow at least 15 days of in-person early voting before Election Day this year, and to also allow voting by mail for any reason, overriding states that have more limited policies.

The new bill would also require that absentee ballots be counted if they arrive up to 10 days after Election Day.

And the legislation says that states that require voter IDs to cast a ballot must allow voters to meet the requirement by self-certifying to their own identity.

The National Conference of State Legislatures says 36 states have some voter ID requirement. About a half dozen of those are “strict” photo ID laws, requiring someone who wants to cast a ballot without photo ID to return with proof within three days for their ballot to be counted.

How does the effective repeal of voter ID help the average American as we suffer record unemployment and a global pandemic? Who knows, but it sure would help Democrats chances at re-election, because voter fraud only ever seems to help them.

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