Dems Spent $88 Million to Get REKT by Mitch McConnell in Kentucky

Dems Spent $88 Million to Get REKT by Mitch McConnell in Kentucky

Mitch McConnell is always a high profile target for Democrats, not just because he leads the Republicans in the Senate, but because he’s not popular in Kentucky. Just look at McConnell’s approval polling in Kentucky. These are horrible, horrible, numbers.

So, it’s always tempting for the Democrats to go all-in against “Cocaine Mitch,” and once again, they did. Their Senate candidate Amy McGrath broke a record by raising $36.8 million in one quarter. In fact, she collected $88 million dollars in individual contributions, which is a staggering amount of money and McGrath doesn’t look like a weak candidate on paper either. She’s a former Marine fighter pilot that flew combat missions against al-Qaeda and the Taliban, which is basically as good as gold if you’re running for office.

Does that mean the Democrats knocked off McConnell? Not at all. Sorry, but the state is just too red for that. The race was called early for McConnell and he won by nearly 20 points. The Democrats spent 88 million dollars and they didn’t even get a t-shirt out of the deal.

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