DeSantis Warns Rioters: “Stay Out Of Our State” or There Will Be “Swift and Severe” Consequences

DeSantis Warns Rioters: “Stay Out Of Our State” or There Will Be “Swift and Severe” Consequences
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At a press conference, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis announced that peaceful protesters are welcome, but that rioters in the state of Florida would face “severe” consequences.

He said:

“First of all, we had a lot of protests in Florida that were peaceful and no one said anything about it. …I think if you look around the country, what happens is, like in Portland, these people riot every night. They go, they get their mug shot, and then they get put right back on the street to do it again. That’s what we don’t want. …The minute you harm somebody else or you harm somebody’s property, you do those types of things, the only way we’re going to put a stop to it is to have very swift penalties for it. …One of the reasons we are here today with the bonuses is because we know just how important that is. It tells people, ‘Hey, if you are in Portland and you think you can come down to Florida and do this, stay out of our state!’ We don’t want you coming down here and causing problems. …If anyone does cause these problems, if you try to burn something down, try harm anybody, but particularly a police officer during one these violent assemblies, there will be consequences. They will be swift and they will be severe. They will be such that people who see that happening will know that’s not something that we want to do going forward.”

It’s actually sad that DeSantis deserves to be praised for the anti-riot bill he signed last month and his comments at this presser. Are they spot-on? Absolutely? Did they need to be said? Yes, they did.

However, when did this not become the norm for everywhere in America? Since when do we tolerate looting, rioting, and armed protesters blocking traffic? When did the BLM and ANTIFA thugs doing that become the “good guys” and the cops risking their lives to maintain order and deal with criminals become the bad guys? If people in Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis, NYC, and other liberal cities want to live like that, that’s their choice. As for Red America, Ron DeSantis speaks for us on the topic.

John Hawkins is the author of 101 Things All Young Adults Should Know. You can find him on Parler here.

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