Desperate CNN Reporters STILL Camped Outside Mueller’s Office

Desperate CNN Reporters STILL Camped Outside Mueller’s Office

Despite the fact that the Special Counsel has exonerated the Trump campaign of any allegations of Russian collusion, desperate CNN reporters are still camped outside Robert Mueller’s office.

Breitbart reports, “The reporters— who have been documenting their days spent lounging around outside Mueller’s office for several months using the hashtag #CNNstakeout— are refusing to budge from their positions so they can document Mueller’s every move.”

CNN reporter Shimon Prokupecz informed his followers of an important update this morning: Mueller dared to report to work today!

CNN correspondent Evan Pérez provided his followers with a major scoop yesterday: Attorney General Bill Barr attended mass after issuing his summary report on the Mueller report.

Last week, Perez reported on Special Counsel member Andrew Weissmann’s fashion choices.

“Is this a sign?: Andrew Weissmann seen wearing a tan (egad!) suit to work today, per team. Mueller is so done, he’s not even bothering with the sartorial requirements anymore. ” he tweeted.

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