Desperate Democrats Realize Trump Will Crush Biden

Desperate Democrats Realize Trump Will Crush Biden

It truly is amazing that the remaining Democrat candidates to take on the supposedly universally hated President Trump are an octogenarian Communist who has never seen a dictator he wouldn’t praise and an apparently senile septuagenarian who can’t remember what state he’s in or what office he’s running for. For as much as Democrats want to blame “racism” and “sexism” for the departures of all the other candidates, such accusations amount to nothing more than a “self-own.” After all, any pundit making that claim is only accusing his own party members of racism and sexism.

And the Democrats know just how bleak their prospects for winning November are. Just this week, Joe Biden was giving a shadow press conference on the Chinese coronavirus to counter Trump’s official presidential ones, where his teleprompter failed and he mixed up the name of the Massachusetts governor, calling Charlie Baker “Charlie Parker,” a 1950s jazz saxophonist.

Who knows, maybe he actually forgot he isn’t president. But other than these video conferences, Biden has been out of the public eye for over a week, presumably in order to not give him the opportunity to flub.

Now, some Democrats are floating New York Governor Andrew Cuomo for the presidential nomination. Cuomo seems to have shown leadership in his managing of the coronavirus, where his home state is home to almost a quarter of US cases. He also has seemed to be working well with Trump during the crisis, even though Cuomo is generally a harsh Trump critic.

As such, the New York Post reported that some want Cuomo to run for President, even stating that a hashtag #PresidentCuomo has been trending on social media. According to gamblers are even giving him a 0.9% chance of becoming president – but they’re also giving Hillary Clinton a 1.2% chance, implying that this is just a few people making long-shot bets they know almost certainly won’t actually pan out.

And for anyone curious, the odds do have Trump as the favorite against Biden. We can expect those odds to increase after the first presidential debate because – let’s be honest – we all know how that is going to turn out.

The fact that we’re in the middle of a massive pandemic and the presidential primaries are almost halfway over, and the Democrats are still looking for a suitable nominee, shows how nervous they are about their 2020 hopes.

Best of luck to them – in 2024.

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