Desperate Schiff Still Claiming “Direct Evidence” of Trump Collusion

Desperate Schiff Still Claiming “Direct Evidence” of Trump Collusion

Desperate Democratic Congressman Adam Schiff (CA) is still perpetuating the hoax that the Trump campaign colluded with Russia.

Speaking to MSNBC’s Morning Joe today, the congressman was asked whether he was wrong for claiming there was “direct evidence” of Trump campaign collusion after Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s much anticipated report cleared them of wrongdoing.

“No, because I think what you see in the public record is direct evidence. When the Russians, through an intermediary, offered dirt on the Clinton campaign as part of what’s described as the Russian government effort to help the Trump campaign, and Donald Trump’s son — who played a pivotal role in the campaign — who says, if it is what you say it is, I’d love it, and sets up a meeting to receive it, it is direct evidence of collusion.”

Co-anchor Willie Geist then asked how–after two years–Mueller didn’t conclude that there was collusion.

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“We won’t know until we get the report,” said Schiff.  “Even looking at that fact pattern, Mueller could conclude that the Trump campaign didn’t know that this was, in fact, the Russian government. Even though it was portrayed as the Russian government, or that the dirt they got during that meeting wasn’t sufficient to prove beyond-a-reasonable-doubt conspiracy or these other interactions with other Russians with Kilimnik, believed to be linked to Russian intelligence, maybe there wasn’t a sufficient link that could be proven by beyond a reasonable doubt between Kilimnik and the Russian government.”

He continued, “We won’t know until we see the there is no explaining away the eagerness of the president, that he demonstrated publicly, to have Russian help, pay Russians. If you’re listening, hack Hillary’s emails. There is no doubt that the Russians did hack the democratic emails.”

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