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Desperation Time: Why Mueller Put the Squeeze on Michael Cohen

  • by:
  • Source: Dan Bongino
  • 06/11/2022
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The Russia investigation is winding down, and Robert Mueller still hasn’t found one iota of evidence to support the phony Russia collusion narrative.

After failed attempts to get Paul Manafort, George Papadopoulos, Roger Stone and Jerome Corsi to roll over and peddle falsehoods about the Trump campaign and Russia, it seems Robert Mueller has made former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen his “star witness.”

Cohen entered a surprise guilty plea today in a New York federal court, saying he lied to Congress about plans to build a Trump Tower in Moscow.

So, what is the real significance of Cohen’s guilty plea today? Hint: It’s has nothing to do with what you’ll hear the deranged talking heads on television will be discussing.

In today’s podcast, Dan points out how utterly desperate Mueller is to nail President Trump on phony Russian collusion charges. “They bring a guy back in now who has already said the collusion thing is a hoax and the dossier is garbage,” said Dan, referring to a September 2017 statement by Cohen.

In his 2017 statement, Cohen said he “had nothing to do with any Russian involvement in our electoral process,” and said he “never saw anything – not a hint of anything – that demonstrated [President Trump’s] involvement in Russian interference in our election or any form of Russian collusion.” Cohen also blasted the anti-Trump dossier, saying it was “riddled with total falsehoods and intentionally salacious allegations.”

**Listen: Dan’s full analysis of today’s Michael Cohen guilty plea**

“Now does it make sense why they had to get Cohen into the court today to get Cohen to plead guilty to making false statements?” asked Dan.

The podcast also breaks down the significance of today’s guilty plea by Cohen, as opposed to his plea back in August:

“Mueller’s edict from the beginning was to investigate charges related to Russian collusion,” says Dan. Anything not related to the collusion scheme had to be farmed out of the special counsel’s office right back into the standard federal justice system. The prior charges they had on Cohen which he plead to before, were plead to in the southern district. Not under the jurisdiction of the Special Counsel. Meaning that Cohen’s charges…may have been criminal as they’re alleging but had nothing at all to do with Trump or collusion. Why do we know that? Because the Special Counsel referred it out…if it’s not collusion they send it back into the federal system. The fact that he took a plea today to charges levied by the special counsel’s office is significant because it says again that Mueller is bringing them back in to the collusion side despite the fact that Cohen is on the record saying ‘I have nothing to do with the collusion side.’

Dan’s advice to everyone today? “Take a chill pill. Cohen is not credible at all.”



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