DHS Cancels Contracts to Build Border Wall in Sectors Where Crisis Is Worst

DHS Cancels Contracts to Build Border Wall in Sectors Where Crisis Is Worst
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The Department of Homeland Security has announced that amid a historic border crisis, they canceled existing contracts to build the border wall in the exact sectors where the crisis is worst.

According to The Post Millenial:

The Biden administration’s Department of Homeland Security recently canceled US border wall contracts, with the reason being the available funds needed to be “consistent with their appropriated purpose” under the current law.

In terms of official numbers, when Pew Research last checked in, migrant encounters at the United States-Mexico border were at a 21-year high. Internationally, people as far away as Uzbekistan recognize that America’s southern border is an open door. A government press release lists off the details, specifically that the Department of Homeland Security’s border plan now entails canceling all contracts for the Border Patrol throughout the Laredo and Rio Grande Valley sectors of the border.

The Rio Grande Valley has the most illegals passing through of any border sector, while Laredo nears the top of the list.

Last week we learned from Biden’s former Border Security Chief Rodney Scott that the U.S. is now paying as much as $5 million per day to *not* build the border wall.

“He [Biden] clearly understands and knows how to control the border and what needs to take place.” Scott told Fox’s Special Report. “It was very clear there are people involved in this process that have been involved before, and they’re choosing not to take simple, commonsense steps to secure the border. Many of those projects today are just still on hold, so we’re paying contractors. For a while, it was almost five million a day between DoD and DHS to not build the border wall.”

It sure looks like they want this crisis to worsen, doesn’t it?


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