DHS Gets Ready For 800,000 “Family Migrants” to Pour Over the Border

DHS Gets Ready For 800,000 “Family Migrants” to Pour Over the Border
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Yesterday, the Washington Post reported that the Department of Homeland Security is expecting a massive influx of illegal aliens.

DHS expects approximately 500,000 to 800,000 migrants to arrive as part of a family group during the 2021 fiscal year that ends in September, a quantity that would equal or exceed the record numbers who entered in 2019, according to government data reviewed by The Washington Post. Officials are racing to find facilities to house these families ahead of their release, along with additional staff to process an increase in humanitarian and asylum claims. The estimate is based on what has already been a vertiginous increase since President Biden took office Jan. 20.

This month, the number of family members taken into U.S. Customs and Border Protection custody is on pace to reach nearly 50,000, up from 7,000 in January, the latest government data show. The highest one-month total, 88,587, was recorded in May 2019, during a year when more than 525,000 migrants arrived as part of a family group.

Of course, this wouldn’t be a problem if Joe Biden had left Donald Trump’s border policies in place. Instead, Biden removed all of Trump’s roadblocks to illegal immigration. Now, the sheer number of illegals coming here is so large that it is straining the government’s capacity to handle them all. This is remarkable given that “handling them” basically just means detaining them for a few days, doing some paperwork and releasing them into the United States.

This is already completely out of control, but it can get a lot worse. As Gallup CEO Jim Clifton has noted, the number of migrants that have already arrived is small compared to the number of illegals that still want to come here.

The Gallup analytics estimate is that 42 million want to come to the U.S.

Forty-two million seekers of citizenship or asylum are watching to determine exactly when and how is the best time to make the move. This suggests that open borders could potentially attract 42 million Latin Americans. A full 5 million who are planning to move in the next 12 months say they are moving to the U.S.

Vaporizing our southern border and waving everyone in may seem like a fun idea to woke liberals who care more about virtue signaling than the country, but it doesn’t sound so great to those to us who want to see America remain a success.

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