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Disgraceful: Maxine Waters Goes On Anti-America Rant On July Fourth

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Maxine Waters, the ancient Democratic congresswoman for California, went on an anti-American rant on July 4th. Sadly, that’s probably not something that surprises anyone.

If you didn’t already know that Waters isn’t very smart, the fact that she seems to intellectually struggle with what the word “equal” means would give you a strong hint that she’s not the brightest bulb in Congress. Additionally, if Waters were less ignorant about the country she supposedly serves, she’d know the Founding Fathers thought a great deal about slavery. In fact, in the original draft of the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson condemned slavery. Jefferson was not unique in that sense. Many of the Founding Fathers found slavery abhorrent, but ultimately they decided it was more important to unite the states and create a new nation than to try to tackle an intractable issue that took a civil war to sort out down the line.

She wasn’t the only person in the House to voice comments like this about her own nation on July 4th.

What really stands out about this is that it doesn’t stand out. Will Democrats rush to distance themselves from Waters and Bush? No. Will there be serious talk of removing either one from committees or censoring them in Congress for their comments? No. Will their constituents punish them for it? No. That’s because hating America may not be the majority view in the Democratic Party, but it’s a mainstream view.  Quite frankly, a Democratic politician who was constantly waving the American flag and talking about patriotism and their love of America would be more out-of-step with the Democratic Party than Waters and Bush. That’s a sad state of affairs and it doesn’t suggest that our nation has a bright future.

John Hawkins is the author of 101 Things All Young Adults Should Know. You can find him on Parler here and on Twitter here.

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