In case anyone forgot that Epstein has been a predatorial creep for decades, video of a police raid on his Florida mansion in 2005 has just reemerged to prove it. The Daily Mail has published clips of the raid video which served as part of the 2005 investigation into Epstein’s sexual relationships with minors.


The $16.5 million dollar, nine-bedroom Palm Beach residence housed “dozens of disturbing pieces of décor including close-up photographs of scantily clad young girls, a full-equipped dentist’s chair and a snap of the pedophile standing at the White House press podium” reported The Daily Mail.

It is within these walls that the financier and many of his high-profile associates allegedly sexually abused many underage girls.

Graphic images of nude women can be seen in the footage, but “one of the photos features a girl who appears to be around the age of six bending over in a tiny dress with her backside exposed. The image was considered so explicit that authorities blurred it out in the footage.”

Epstein’s former girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell who reportedly helped recruit young women and even partook in sexual harassment of the girls herself appears in photos. In one she was outstretched naked on a beach.

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