DNC Committee Blocks Medicare-For-All From Draft of Party Platform

DNC Committee Blocks Medicare-For-All From Draft of Party Platform

On Monday, we reported that the Bernie Sanders delegates would rebel at the Democrat National Convention if Medicare-For-All was not included in the party platform. But since then, the Democrat National Committee’s (DNC) platform panel voted the idea down, according to the Washington Examiner.

The Examiner reports that the panel met virtually to discuss where to “incorporate language endorsing Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders’s signature policy in its message to voters before the November general elections.”

Sanders delegate Michael Lightly said, “[I]f this amendment is controversial, it is due to the distorted hundreds of millions of dollars in lobbying, and political contributions, and political ads that the health insurance industry has put forth.”

But 125 committee members voted against the efforts to include Medicare-For-All, while there were 36 votes for it. Three members abstained.

While the current draft includes a public option for Obamacare, the party insists it welcomes Medicare-For-All backers.

Stay tuned to see how the Biden-Sanders unity pledge holds up. It will be interesting, grab a lot of popcorn.

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