DNC Featured Convicted Murderer as Speaker

DNC Featured Convicted Murderer as Speaker

This week, the Democrat National Committee featured criminal justice activist Donna Hylton as of “America’s most impactful community leaders.” Hylton was asked to take part in a reading of the Preamble to the Constitution during a televised part of the DNC.

But Hylton is an established murderer, having been convicted in 1985, and was in prison for 27 years until she was released on parole in 2012.

Fox News reports that Hylton “was behind bars for her role in the grisly murder and torture of Thomas Vigliarolo, a balding New York businessman found stuffed inside a steamer trunk and left to rot in Harlem. Hylton and six others let him die ‘in the most heinous circumstances,’ the prosecutor said at their trial in 1985.”

Fox further notes that while in prison, Hylton attempted to change her life. She “got her college degree in 1992 and a master’s degree to follow in women’s studies and English literature from Marymount Manhattan College. In 2011, she was ordained a Christian minister and a year later, she was paroled.”

Hylton still denies the charges against her, saying that she was coerced into the situation that led to Vigliarolo’s atrocious murder and was “powerless to stop what happened to him. “Yet, despite being innocent I was convicted and incarcerated for 27 years. What happened to Mr. Vigliarolo should not ever happen to anyone and I have spent my life since then fighting on the side of truth and justice for myself and countless others caught in the cycle of perpetual violence and victimization.”

But whatever the reason that Hylton was involved in Vigliarolo’s grisly death was, it is grotesque that a major political party would give a person like this a national platform. Did they think nobody would Google her?

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