DOJ Sues Author of Melania Trump “Tell-All” Book for Breaking NDA

DOJ Sues Author of Melania Trump “Tell-All” Book for Breaking NDA

On Tuesday, the DOJ sued former Melania Trump senior advisor and former friend Stephanie Winston Wolkoff for allegedly breaking a nondisclosure agreement which prohibited her from revealing confidential information that she acquired while working in the White House.

Winston Wolkoff secretly recorded conversations between herself and the First Lady, and leaked them to the media to publicize her new “tell-all” book, titled “Melania and Me: The Rise and Fall of My Friendship with the First Lady,” which was published in September.

The lawsuit, according to CNBC, asks that the judge order Winston Wolkoff to surrender book profits to a government trust, and accuses her of a “‘flat violation’ of breach of contract and breach of fiduciary obligations to the first lady.” 

It continues by stating that Winston Wolkoff “promised to maintain strict confidentiality over ‘nonpublic, privileged and/or confidential information’ that she might obtain during her service,” and that there was no termination date for the conditions of the NDA.

However, the DOJ said that Winston Wolkoff still wrote the book, and the publisher, Simon & Schuster, promoted it as a “scathing tell-all” and an “epic scream of a tell-all.”

Winston Wolkoff told “The View” that she did not break the NDA and that “I’ve been working with First Amendment lawyers the entire time, pre-publishing lawyers, so this was handled extremely carefully.”

Stay tuned, this will get interesting.

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