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Donald Trump Slams Biden and Democrats at “Rally to Protect Our Elections” in Arizona

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Former President Donald Trump headlined Turning Point USA’s Student Action Summit in Arizona on Saturday, and railed against the media, Joe Biden, Democrats, and the 2020 election before a capacity crowd.

Of the 2020 election, Trump told the crowd “Let me tell you—you’re not going to have a future. First of all, our nation is being destroyed. But you’re not going to have a future in ’22 or ’24” without election integrity measures to prevent fraud, before alleging that the 2020 race was corrupt and dishonest, adding that “We, the American people, know it.”

Trump addressed Hunter Biden’s so-called “art” that’s selling for upwards of 500k, slamming it as a bribe, and asked if the crowd could imagine the media reaction if his kids were doing that.

As “woke sports” is on the rise, Trump slammed biological men competing as women in the Olympics, and mocked Lebron James and the NBA’s plummeting ratings.

He also slammed wokeness as a whole. “The radical left is determined to ruin everything in America. That’s what they’re doing. Woke politics takes the life and joy out of everything,” Trump said of the growing woke insanity infecting every facet of life. “Wokeism makes you lose, ruins your mind, and ruins you as a person. You become warped. You become demented.”


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