Dozens Chant in Support of President Trump During Biden Event

Dozens Chant in Support of President Trump During Biden Event

On Monday, during an event in Toledo, Ohio hosted by Joe Biden, supporters of President Trump chanted a mix of “four more years,” “Trump,” and “USA.”

When Biden was at the podium outside the United Auto Workers hall, his speech was drowned out by dozens of Trump supporters chanting, and every time Biden mentioned Trump, the chants grew louder.

President Trump himself weighed in:

But the main takeaway was best put this way:

The enthusiasm for President Trump is enormous, and it continues to show itself. A poll from Just the News taken earlier this year showed that 76% of Trump voters are enthusiastic about supporting their candidate compared to 49% of Biden voters. We see boat, truck, bike or car parades in support of Trump almost every weekend. Even after the President’s hospitalization last weekend, he drew a crowd to cheer him on as he drove by in the motorcade.

It is clear is that even when Biden and his voters are out, Trump’s base is out too. Even though there are many shy Trump voters, many demonstrate their unwavering support for our president.

Which is why four more years isn’t the longshot the media and its pollsters would like to say it is.

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