Dr. Fauci: Private Sector is Stepping Up to Help Fight Coronavirus

Dr. Fauci: Private Sector is Stepping Up to Help Fight Coronavirus

Dr. Anthony Fauci told Margaret Brennan of CBS News on Sunday that private companies have been manufacturing the necessary medical supplies for fighting the Chinese coronavirus without the government coercing them.

Brennan said, “The president has tweeted this morning that Ford, GM, and Tesla have been given the go ahead to make ventilators. There’s been this back and forth over whether the president actually has ordered companies or not to produce needed medical equipment. What have these companies agreed to do, and when will medical professionals have what they need?”

Fauci responded, “Well, I mean, as yesterday in the press conference that I’m sure you heard, what the president was saying is that these companies are coming forth on their own. And I think that’s an extraordinary spirit of the American spirit of not needing to be coaxed. They’re stepping forward. They’re making not only masks, but PPEs, and now ventilators. So what we’re going to be seeing, and we’re seeing it already, in the beginning, obviously, there was an issue with testing. The testing now – a large number of tests are available now, out there because the private companies have gotten involved.”

It’s amazing what can happen when an entity is free to innovate and the liberty to make a profit. Almost as if central planning and government ownership of the means of production (aka socialism) isn’t the answer. While it’s a fact the media has been happy to conveniently ignore, it was thanks to onerous FDA regulations that the spread of coronavirus testing was delayed for as long as it was.

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