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Durham Trial: Ex-Clinton Lawyer Tried to Use FBI to Create “October Surprise” Against Trump – FBI Debunked Collusion Claim Within Days

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At long last the trial of ex-Hillary Clinton lawyer Michael Sussmann has began.

Accused of lying to the FBI to help the Clinton campaign, we got additional insight in to just how flimsy the Russian collusion hoax was the entire time.

According to Fox News:

Special Counsel John Durham’s team in its opening argument Tuesday alleged that former Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann used the FBI as “a political tool” to “manipulate” the bureau on “the eve” of the 2016 presidential election to create an “October surprise” against then-candidate Donald Trump — a plan that “largely succeeded.”

Durham’s team alleges Sussmann was doing work for two clients: the Hillary Clinton campaign and a technology executive, Rodney Joffe. Following the meeting with Baker, Sussmann billed the Hillary Clinton campaign for his work.

Federal prosecutor Deborah Brittain Shaw made the prosecution’s opening argument, describing the case as one about privilege. “Privilege of a lawyer who thought he could lie to the FBI without consequences; privilege of a lawyer who thought that for the powerful, normal rules didn’t apply,” she said, and argued that in bringing his fictitious “serious allegations” to the FBI, Sussmann “bypassed normal channels and went straight to the FBI’s top lawyer. He then sat across from that lawyer and lied to him,” adding the lie was  “designed to achieve political” ends, and “designed to inject the FBI into the election.”

The prosecution promised that the evidence presented throughout the trial will show that the “big lie” was part of a larger effort to create an “October surprise” on the eve of the 2016 election.

Shaw emphasized that this case was about lying to the FBI, not politics – possibly because three of the jurors had donated to Hillary Clinton.

One of the most interesting things we learned on the first day of the trial was just how quickly the FBI was able to discredit Sussmann’s lies (and it’s even more interesting to note how that had no effect on the Russian collusion hoax continuing).

An FBI agent involved in analyzing the Trump-Russia collusion claims pushed by Sussmann testified that an analysis had rejected his claims of a secret back channel to Russia via the Trump Organization in just days. After the bogus story broke in late October 2016, with just days until the election, Hillary Clinton was quick to take to social media to promote the since debunked claim.

Unfortunately, the judge handling the trial said that the tweet above cannot be used as evidence in the trial.

Matt Palumbo is the author of The Man Behind the Curtain: Inside the Secret Network of George Soros

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