Elitist Bloomberg Slammed after Video Emerges of his Demeaning Remarks About Farmers

Elitist Bloomberg Slammed after Video Emerges of his Demeaning Remarks About Farmers

Former New York City mayor Mike Bloomberg was slammed on Twitter after a 2016 video emerged of him making condescending remarks about farmers, proving just how out of touch he is with everyday Americans.

During a discussion at Oxford’s Saïd Business School, Bloomberg talked about the future of jobs and technology and said, “I could teach anybody…even people in this room, so no offense intended, to be a farmer. It’s a process. You dig a hole, you put a seed in, you put dirt on to, add water, up comes the corn. You could learn that.”

Then he set his sights on factory workers, telling the audience, “Then we had three hundred years of the industrial society…you turn the crank in the direction of the arrow and you can have a job, and we created a lot of jobs.”

He then discussed the modern-day “information economy” and how it required more “gray matter.” The information economy is fundamentally different, because it’s built around replacing people with technology and the skill sets you have to learn are how to think and analyze and that is a whole degree level different,” he said.  “You need to have a different skill set, you have to have a lot more gray matter.”

He continued, “So the challenge for society to find jobs for these people who we can take care of giving them a roof over their head and a meal in their stomach, and a cell phone and a car…but the thing that’s the most important that will stop them from setting up the guillotine someday is the dignity of a job.”

Eric Trump called Bloomberg’s comments “demeaning” and wrote on Twitter, “Not only did he insult every farmer in the country but every factory worker, tradesman, machinist etc. Just dig a hole… crank a dial. Zero substance or “grey matter” needed. What an out of touch elitist…”

Donald Trump Jr. slammed Bloomberg and said he “wouldn’t last 3 seconds” as a farmer. “…like his comments on minorities, you can tell he really hates regular hardworking Americans. He will never fight for them because he couldn’t care less about them,” he wrote.

Radio host and author, Dana Loesch responded on Twitter, writing, “Holy wow. Yeah, farmers use zero technology, dude. Good grief.” She then linked to a video of Bloomberg we all wish we could un-see:

You can watch the full video of Bloomberg’s discussion at Oxford below:


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