Elizabeth Warren Suggests More Documents May Include her “American Indian” Claims

Elizabeth Warren Suggests More Documents May Include her “American Indian” Claims

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) indicated yesterday that even more documents from her past may include her “Native American” heritage claims after it was revealed that she had described herself as “American Indian” on her State Bar of Texas registration card.

The Massachusetts senator was asked yesterday by reporters if other documents existed where she identified as American Indian.

She replied, “So, all I know is, during this time period, this is consistent with what I did because it was based on my understanding from my family’s stories ….”

“Look, this is who I grew up believing with my brothers,” Warren said.  “This is our family’s story, and it’s all consistent from that point in time. But as I said, it’s important to note I’m not a tribal citizen and I should have been more mindful of the distinction.”

The RNC announced yesterday that Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel filed a grievance against Sen. Elizabeth Warren with the State Bar of Texas over the Senators false claims of American Indian heritage.

The Hill writes that McDaniel “called that a misrepresentation and wrote to the state bar’s chief disciplinary counsel to argue the senator had failed to correct her registration card from 1986, and therefore violated the state’s requirements that applicants have ‘good moral character and fitness.’”

Warren took a DNA test in October which determined she was between 1/64 Native American and 1/1,024 Native American. At the time, Cherokee Nation said her test was “inappropriate and wrong” and “undermined” tribal interests.

Last week, it was revealed the Senator apologized to the Cherokee Nation for taking the DNA test.

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