Emails Show Biden’s CDC Changed School Closure Guidance Based on Pressure From Teacher’s Union

Emails Show Biden’s CDC Changed School Closure Guidance Based on Pressure From Teacher’s Union
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One very interesting thing you will learn from watching politics is that, “follow the science” always seems to mean pursue the liberal agenda and call it “science.”

For example, take reopening schools. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention was going to put out guidance saying that it was safe for schools to reopen. However, a freedom of information act request shows that the highly influential American Federation of Teachers didn’t like that idea and was privately lobbying against it. Guess what? The ATF’s political connections won and science lost.

According to the Washington Examiner:

In later emails, (AFT Senior Director for Health Issues Kelly Trautner) thanked CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky for her “commitment to partnership” with the union as the CDC neared the release of updated guidance.

“We are immensely grateful for your genuine desire to earn our confidence and your commitment to partnership,” Trautner said in an email to Walensky in February.

The CDC was preparing to update its guidance to reflect its belief that schools could fully reopen, regardless of community spread of COVID-19. But the AFT successfully lobbied the CDC to add a line reading, “In the event of high community-transmission results from a new variant of SARS-CoV-2, a new update of these guidelines may be necessary” while allowing teachers “who have documented high-risk conditions or who are at increased risk for … COVID-19” to work from home.

The CDC guidance stopped short of calling for all schools to reopen, instead opting for color-coded charts that recommended that districts in “red” zones with “high” community spread keep their middle and high schools closed to in-person learning.

“Today, the CDC met fear of the pandemic with facts and evidence,” the AFT said in a statement following the updated CDC guidance.

If you want to know why people don’t trust “science,” it’s because the “science” always seems to be one part science, one part liberal agenda, and one part politics. The whole idea that the CDC was even having private, buddy-buddy conversations with a teacher’s union is a big problem. So, is CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky lying to the public when she said, “I can assure you that this is free from political meddling,” If anyone in DC were ever held accountable or really cared about their credibility, Rochelle Walensky would be fired over this. Of course, liberals always prefer to bemoan the fact that people don’t trust the, “science” than to actually fix the problem by putting science ahead of politics. This time is unlikely to be any different.

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