Ep. 1023 The Worst Press Conference Ever

Ep. 1023 The Worst Press Conference Ever


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In this episode I address the disastrous, Trump-bashing press conference by “the squad” and the real reasons they’re doing what they’re doing. I use some troubling video and audio to show the far-left for what it is. I also address Joe Biden’s huge political blunder and the re-emerging Obamacare Debate.

News Picks:

Shock poll reveals how unpopular these radical Democrats are.

This NY paper is demanding that feckless NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio be removed from office.

The ANTIFA terrorist responsible for the terror attach this weekend had AOC’s concentration camp language in his manifesto.

Blue collar workers are turning on the Democrats.

Some GOP operatives are revolting against this new fundraising tool.

These statistics on defensive firearm usage debunk liberal talking points.

Report: Antifa ICE Center Attacker Appeared in CNN Episode which "Glorified" Group
ICE: Sanctuary State California RELEASED Illegal Aliens Charged with Murder, Rape