Yesterday published the mysterious circumstances that occurred in the final weeks of child molester Jeffrey Epstein’s suicide. Speaking in New Orleans at a policing conference yesterday, Attorney General William Barr expressed he would take swift action and open an investigation immediately.

“I was appalled, and indeed the whole department was, and frankly angry, to learn of the MCC’s failure to adequately secure the prisoner” Barr said, and added the DOJ is aware of “serious irregularities” that had occurred at the prison and vowed a “thorough investigation.”

Getting straight to work, today Barr ordered that the warden of the federal prison Epstein was held at will be reassigned, and the two guards that were on duty will be placed on administrative leave. The Justice department today also named a new temporary warden of MCC and spokeswoman Kerri Kupec said “additional actions may be taken as the circumstances warrant.”

Epstein has already been charged with sex trafficking minors as young as 14-years-old and Attorney General Barr assured “we will get to the bottom of what happened…any co-conspirators should not rest easy. The victims deserve justice and they will get it.”

Epstein’s Mysterious Murder: What Happened in his Final Days