Eric Trump Questioned Under Oath for NY AG’s Trump Organization Witch Hunt

Eric Trump Questioned Under Oath for NY AG’s Trump Organization Witch Hunt

On Monday, Eric Trump, son of President Donald Trump, was questioned under oath, as part of an investigation of the Trump Organization by the office of the hard-Left New York Attorney General Letitia James.

According to Fox News, the younger Trump had tried to have the session pushed off until after the November election, but was refused. He also has criticized James’s investigation as political, tweeting:

“The NYAG’s targeting of my family violates every ethical rule she was elected to protect. Last month alone there were over 240 shootings in NYC, yet the NYAG’s sole focus is an anti-Trump fishing expedition that she promised during her campaign. New York is so lost.”

Fox News also reports that the investigation is “looking into whether the company overvalued certain properties in some instances, and devalued others for tax purposes after former Trump attorney Michael Cohen claimed the president had engaged in similar practices in the past.” We reported in August that James had asked a judge to force the Trump Organization to provide financial information to assist in her probe of their financial dealings. 

But we must keep in mind that, as we reported at the time, James campaigned on “get Trump.” Her sole reason for holding the office she does is to weaponize it for political reasons.


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