Error Page for Trump Campaign Site Mocks Biden: “You’re As Lost As Me”

Error Page for Trump Campaign Site Mocks Biden: “You’re As Lost As Me”

There’s no denying that Joe Biden is an increasingly confused individual. That’s not an insult; it’s just a fact of age and the stress of public life that’s impossible for anyone who has watched any of his recent interviews to deny.

And with little off limits in politics, and the Trump campaign is taking full advantage of it. Now, the new 404 error page on the campaign’s website shows Biden with the caption, “it appears you are as lost as me.”

Biden’s gaffes are nothing new to the Trump campaign, which has been highlighting them well and often. RealClearPolitics reported recently that the GOP War Room YouTube account, which is run by the National Republican Committee and presumably works with the president’s campaign, has been compiling a database Biden’s gaffes:

With titles such as “Biden Says He ‘Just Realized’ After Over 17 Minute Interview That He Wasn’t Looking At The Camera,” “Biden Teases A Three-Point Plan, Only Remembers To Mention Two Points,” “Biden Forgets How Many Granddaughters He Has While Holding A Picture Of Them,” and “Biden Forgets the Name Of The Defense Production Act,” the videos speak for themselves and foreshadow the Trump campaign’s line of attack against Biden.

In addition, the Daily Caller reports that:

Trump reelection campaign manager Brad Parscale has called Biden a “gaffe machine,” telling Fox News that “I think when push comes to shove and we come to November he’s [Trump’s] going to be in a very good place.”

Parscale said that he believes there is a large “enthusiasm gap” between Trump and Biden that will keep the incumbent in a good position to win reelection. 

The enthusiasm gap between Trump and Biden is enormous. And highlighting Biden’s flubs will surely not help him close it.

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