ESPN Suspends Reporter After Expletive-Laden Email to Senator Hawley

On Saturday, we reported that Missouri Senator Josh Hawley sent a letter to NBA commissioner Adam Silver regarding the league’s new policy of allowing “social justice” slogans on the back of player’s jerseys, asking Silver if the league would allow options such as “Back the Blue,” “Support Our Troops,” “God Bless America” or the like. When sending the letter, Hawley cc’ed the media, and ESPN reporter Adrian Wojnorowski replied with “F**k you.”

Wojnorowski later apologized on Twitter, but the damage was done. ESPN apologized via Twitter as well.

The New York Post reported that Wojnorowski was suspended as well. As of now, it is unclear how long the suspension is for. The Post reports that the NBA reporter, arguably ESPN’s most prominent reporter on the NBA that his tweets have been nicknamed “Woj Bombs,” has been sidelined from his upcoming trip to Orlando this week to report from the NBA bubble.

It’s nice to see the Leftist media hold their own to a standard for a change.

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