Even Politico Is Saying That Polls Are Underestimating Trump Again

Even Politico Is Saying That Polls Are Underestimating Trump Again

In now-President Trump’s first electoral race, polls showed his rival Hillary Clinton leading him consistently.

But we all know how that ended, with Hillary becoming nothing more than an annoying wannabe Twitter troll.

Now, polls are showing Trump down again, this time to now-Democrat nominee Joe Biden. Trump, in turn, is saying that polls are underestimating him again, and now, even Politico agrees, according to the Daily Wire.

Politico said that pollsters “are still grappling with the problems that plagued those polls four years ago,” especially in battleground state polls.

The outlet continues, “[I]n fact, most pollsters believe that, on balance, state polls are overstating the scale of Biden’s advantage. That was precisely the problem in 2016: The national polls were largely accurate, to within the margin of error. But there were too few state polls, and many of those that were conducted failed to collect accurate data, especially from white voters without college degrees in key swing states. And those issues haven’t been fixed.”

Courtney Kennedy, director of research at the Pew Research Center who also helped write about the issues the polling industry faced in 2016, said, “I would say that most, if not all, of the concerns that we expressed still hold — some to a lesser degree. But I think some of the fundamental, structural challenges that came to a head in 2016 are still in place in 2020.”

Also, GOP pollster Glen Bolger told Politico that he believed that since Trump voters feared backlash, pollsters could not get them to respond accurately, skewing the polls even further.

We should always play like we’re behind, but we should not be close to losing hope.


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