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Everyone is Blaming China for the Coronavirus – Except Joe Biden

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The latest Harris Poll has some promising news which proves that no one is buying the mainstream media’s narrative on the coronavirus – which has effectively been the narrative of the Chinese government. And for anyone who thinks that’s hyperbolic, just read a sampling of headlines over at CNN, the New York Times, CBS, or countless others, and ask yourself how they would be any different if the CCP were writing them.

The media is mindlessly reporting on China’s “official” death toll, despite the actual death toll likely an order of magnitude higher. They’ll spread the bogus narrative that in a country of over 1.3 billion, China is somehow reporting no new cases (a statistical impossibility even if they had everything under control). And they’ll even pretend that it’s offensive to call a virus that originated from China a “Chinese virus” – even though the exact same publications criticizing Trump for calling it as such described it the exact same way before Trump began doing the same.

So weak has the media’s narrative been that despite their attempts to politicize the crisis, even most Democrats are blaming China.

According to the Harris Poll:

  • 77% of those polled, including 67% of Democrats, said China is to blame for the virus.
  • 71% said U.S. companies should pull back from manufacturing their goods in China.
  • 69% are in favor of President Donald Trump’s tough trade stance on China.
  • 54% said China should pay reparations to other countries for the spread of the COVID-19 virus.


Joe Biden was too busy feigning concern over “xenophobia” while Trump was taking action to ban travel from China – which worked. The New York Times reported yesterday that evidence suggests the virus was brought into America from Europe, not China, which certainly is an odd way to say that the China travel ban was successful. The fact that Biden has since reversed his stance in support of the travel ban also indicates that Biden (or one of his advisers) realized it was impossible to deny that it worked as intended.

Amusingly some liberals commenting on the New York Times’ twitter blasted Trump for not closing down travel from Europe fast enough – as if they wouldn’t have also criticized him as being dictatorial if he did!

We can only imagine how much worse things would be if Joe Biden were president – but it’s looking like we probably won’t have to. While Biden was unlikely to win in the first place, his water carrying for China during this pandemic has only given the Trump campaign more ammunition to shoot down his presidential aspirations with.


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