Ex-Whitewater Prosecutor Predicts Durham Probe Will Spark Indictments

Ex-Whitewater Prosecutor Predicts Durham Probe Will Spark Indictments

Justice at last?

Appearing on Fox News‘ “Witch Hunt” hosted by Gregg Jarrett, former Whitewater prosecutor Robert Ray predicted that John Durham’s investigation into the origins of the Russia probe will spark indictments.

“It is a criminal investigation with grand-jury authority, and I don’t think the attorney general expects this is going to be just left to the side of history without actual prosecutions being brought to hold those responsible accountable,” Ray said during the Fox Nation special “Witch Hunt,” which first aired on the Fox News Channel Sunday night.

But, he added, “Even if no felony prosecution is ever brought as a result of this, this is a political scandal of the highest order and the American people should be paying attention.”

Ray said he trusted that the Durham investigation will get to the bottom of the FBI’s mishandling of Flynn’s case and that those responsible will be held accountable.

“I imagine there are people who are in the know who may well have knowingly withheld information from the court and from defense counsel in connection with the Michael Flynn prosecution,” Ray said.

“If it turns out that that can be proved,” he went on, “then there are going to be referrals and potential false statements, and/or perjury prosecutions to hold those, particularly those in positions of authority, accountable.”

Back in March sources told Fox News that Durham will wrap up his investigation into the origins of the FBI’s hoax Russia probe by summer’s end. A month prior to that report Rep. Doug Collins made comments echoing Ray’s; that he expects Durham’s probe to lead to criminal charges.

“This is not going to be a Mueller report; there won’t be a report,” he said.

“When he’s ready to charge people, he’ll charge people,” Collins continued. “And that’s when we’ll know.”


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