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Extreme Measures Dems Considering to Hide Whistleblower Identity

  • by:
  • Source: Dan Bongino
  • 06/11/2022
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Congressional Democrats are really enjoying playing up the notion that this whistleblower is a national treasure to be protected. Let’s remember that this whistleblower knows everything we the public know from the released transcript. But, in a theatrical ploy to elevate the perceived importance of said whistleblower, Democrats are taking some very bizarre measures to hide their identity.

According to The Hill, “House Democrats are looking to prevent the whistleblower from being identified by holding the person’s testimony at a remote location and potentially changing their appearance and voice.” Democrats are looking “to distort the whistleblower’s appearance and voice, including through a video camera or audio-only testimony or by placing the person behind a screen” reported the Washington Post.

Their reasoning? For “fear the Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee could leak their identity” according to the Washington Post. Additionally, Democrats are “considering holing a testimony outside the Capitol as well as staff-only session that would bar lawmakers from questioning the whistleblower.”

To be clear, Democrats are not only holding secret hearings that no one has access to, but now they want to completely hide the identity from Republican lawmakers. Many argue that if a whistleblower comes forward, they should do just that…come forward. For a congress that is always demanding transparency, this is the most ridiculous concrete laden action they could take, once again displaying the Democrats’ hypocrisy.

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